In November 2018, Miami-Dade County (FL), Prince George’s County (MD), Sacramento (CA), Southern Nevada/Las Vegas (NV), and Suburban Cook County (IL) launched their own 100-Day Challenges. The system in each community was reinvigorated by the unreasonably ambitious goals the teams set, and the 100-Day countdown is underway! IN THE NEXT 100 DAYS… 


GOAL: By Day 100, every 14-24 year old who enters through Coordinated Entry will be off the street within 48 hours of entry and 67% will exit to safe, stable housing. 75% of 14-24 year olds entering through CE are connected to training, education, or employment and the number of youth identified as needing behavorial health that are connected to care increases.



GOAL: In 100 Days, 50 young adults (18-24) who are homeless will be housed, of which 75% will be employed and/or in educational or training programs. During the 100 days, 100% of students at three 2 and 4 year institutions who identify as homeless will be housed, and those who identify as at-risk of homelessness will remain housed.



GOAL: In 100 Days, we will house 200 youth and young adults ages 16-24 in safe and stable housing with connections to supports – of which 20% are pregnant and or parenting, and 65% are experiencing significant mental health symptons as a barrier to housing.



GOAL: In 100 Days, we will prevent 50 system-involved youth (foster care, JJ) from entering homelessness and house 100 youth experiencing homelessness under age 25 with innovative housing solutions.



GOAL: In 100 Days, we will improve identification of unaccompanied youth under age 25 in 3 regions (centered around high school districts), and we will assess 100% of youth in our system – resulting in connecting 75 youth experiencing homelessness to safe and stable housing.


Stay tuned for their progress and results…