100-Day Challenges: We Answer Your Questions

A Way Home America officially launched this past Friday. As part of our launch, we shared that we have been busy partnering with the innovative folks at Health & Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Raikes Foundation, Melville Charitable Trust, Casey Family Programs and Rapid Results Institute. Together, we offer the following invitation to local communities:

A Way Home America is inviting three communities to support national learning through launching a 100-Day Challenge. These 100-Day Challenges will identify and execute innovative practices to end youth & young adult homelessness, community by community.

See our first post about this invitation for more information.

Communities are determining if they are prepared to raise their collective hand and express interest in being one of the three communities. (Gentle reminder: expressions of interest are due on 6/20/16.) Here are some of the questions we’ve received, with responses. We will continue to add to this Q & A over the coming weeks.


We encourage and support young people experiencing homelessness to embrace challenges in pursuit of their own goals – like entering housing for the first time in a long while, working toward their GED or college degree, or starting a new job. The young people we work with every day are courageous in meeting these challenges.

Together, we will also be courageous in innovating even stronger and more effective ways to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness, community by community.