We’re going to #EndYouthHomelessness… but we need your help.

Together, we have built a Movement to end youth homelessness and its time to leverage our collective momentum to demonstrate an end to youth homelessness is not only necessary, but possible. We need Congress to help us across the finish line.

We are excited to share the A Way Home America Policy Framework with you, a tool designed to help you communicate the crisis of youth homelessness to your Members of Congress, describe what you need from them, and set a path for how they can help. This tool:

  • Introduces the crisis of youth homelessness to your Members of Congress
  • Offers evidence-informed strategies on how to end it
  • Helps our Movement articulate a common vision for the role of the federal government.

Recommendations outlined in this Framework focus on what essential systems communities need to be successful, and how federal policy can help more communities build and scale them. First, it requires a commitment to the values that set the foundation for success:

  • Authentic leadership from young people who are most impacted
  • Centering equity for youth of color and LGBTQ youth
  • Investments in data-driven solutions and creating space for innovation

Then, it requires support and investment in a Framework that effectively ends youth homelessness by:

  • Ensuring Youth Homelessness is Rare by investing heavily in Prevention, so young people don’t experience homelessness in the first place.
  • Ensuring Youth Homelessness is Brief by expanding and retooling our Crisis Response systems, so when young people do experience homelessness, they are identified and housed as quickly as possible.
  • Ensuring Youth Homelessness is One-Time by connecting and coordinating a system of housing interventions and supportive services that help young people stay housed and thrive.

We need your help building our Movement. The first step is to make sure you are on our team by signing up for our advocacy alerts. Once you’re signed up, send your friends, family, and networks the sign-up link to get them involved too. We’ll even send you some sample emails and posts to help you out.

In just a few weeks, Congress will begin writing this year’s funding bills, and it’s important that we build our collective voice to make sure they prioritize youth homelessness.

In these crucial weeks, we need you to be a part of that voice, to be ready to use it, and to bring others with you. We’re ready to help every step of the way, but we can’t do it without you.