3rd 100-Day Challenge Podcast: Success!

ICYMI – Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles each successfully completed a 100-Day Challenge on Youth Homelessness in mid-December 2016, achieving dramatic progress on addressing youth homelessness over just 100 Days.  Each community exceeded their 100-Day goal, ending the experience of homelessness for a total of 428 young people at the end of December.


So, what happened over these 100 days? What changed?  For answers, we return to two members of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness, Terrance Walker and Phoebe VanCleefe, who followed the three communities as they accomplished their 100-Day Challenges.


In this third in a series of podcasts, Terrance and Phoebe discuss what was accomplished in each city, lessons learned, the role of authentic youth engagement, and what advice they have for other communities interested in launching similar Challenges.




Phoebe shares, “Youth engagement starts with an exchange of power.  It’s about making youth an equal partner.”

Terrance shares, when asked what advice he’d offer to communities considering a 100-Day Challenge, “Just do it.  Don’t allow tradition or the the past to deter you from change.”



A Way Home America and the teams in Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles share challenge updates using the hastags #endyouthhomelessness and #100DayChallengeAccepted.  Please join in the conversation and share broadly!

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