Announcing the “Founding 8” Young Adult Members of the New AWHA Leadership Body

In February 2019, AWHA announced our transition into the next phase of our work: reconstitution of our leadership to empower even greater youth voice and to place racial and LGBTQ equity at the forefront.

Over much of 2018, the AWHA Steering Committee explored how our initiative must shift to most effectively launch the work in front of us. As part of that process, we returned frequently to our Racial Equity & Justice Core Principles (, and themes around making space for greater leadership from young people and leaders of color. Although vested stakeholders – including the members of our founding Steering Committee – will continue to be key voices in our collective work and may serve as part of our new leadership body, we also understand that to guide the work ahead, those most impacted by the crisis of youth homelessness must have primary influence. 

This decision resulted in the following new structure: a Leadership Body of 15 national leaders, eight of which are young people with lived experience of homelessness. These “Founding 8” young adult members of the new AWHA Leadership Body were brought on board in September 2019.

We will introduce a new member of the Founding 8 each weekday from 10/28 – 11/15. Be sure to check back tomorrow!