Austin, Cleveland & Los Angeles House Over 400 Youth During 100-Day Challenges to End Youth Homelessness

free flowing innovation is the hallmark of the 100-Day Challenge


Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles House Over 400 Youth During 100-Day Challenges to End Youth Homelessness

Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles achieved incredible results and gained valuable insights as community teams worked to ambitiously address youth homelessness, housing 413 young people over just 100-Days.

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Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles have each successfully completed a 100-Day Challenge on Youth Homelessness, achieving dramatic progress on addressing youth homelessness over just 100 Days.  Each community exceeded their 100-Day goal, ending the experience of homelessness for a total of 413 young people.  Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles have also discovered new insights on how communities can prevent and end youth homelessness.  

  • Austin housed 53 homeless youth 18-24 years old, exceeding their goal of 50.  
  • Cleveland housed 103 homeless youth 18-24 years old, exceeding their goal of 100.  
  • Los Angeles stably housed 257 16-25 year old young adults experiencing housing instability or homelessness, exceeding their goal of 237.  


Key to achieving these results in each community were the innovative 100-Day experiments that brought different systems together — homeless services, child welfare and schools — collaborating in new ways.  For more detail on the results and data from each community, please see the sidebar at right.

These 100-Day Challenges officially conclude on January 9th, 2017 in Austin, where the community teams convene with federal partners and supporters to reflect on the experience and determine how to sustain the success.

The 100-Day Challenges on Youth Homelessness are part of the national movement to end youth homelessness, represented by A Way Home America (AWHA). The Rapid Results Institute (RRI) facilitated the 100-Day Challenges and provided coaching to the communities, with the support of the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Casey Family Programs, Melville Charitable Trust and The Raikes Foundation.   RRI’s past challenges across a variety of issue areas have demonstrated two things:  a limited time frame provides a critical sense of urgency and “permission” from system leaders provides space for front-line staff to innovate.  This combination fuels  an effective approach to collectively combat complex social problems, like youth homelessness.

Organizations and communities interested in following the lessons learned by the three communities on their Youth Homelessness 100-Day Challenge should click here to sign up for news on the AWHA homepage.  AWHA will share future opportunities to launch additional 100-Day Challenges in 2017.  On Tuesday, January 10th at 1:30 CT, the three communities will join a national broadcast, with support from Funders Together to End Homeless, to share results and reflections on the approach.  Contact Jennifer Onley at for guidance on how to join the national broadcast.


free flowing innovation is the hallmark of the 100-Day Challenge


About A Way Home America

AWHA is a national initiative to build the movement to prevent and end homelessness among young people. AWHA is made up of homeless youth providers, young people, local and state public sector organizations, advocates, researchersand philanthropists uniting behind the goal of ending youth homelessness by the end of 2020.

About The Rapid Results Institute

RRI is a non-profit organization that creates transformative and sustained impact on tough societal challenges.  RRI enables front-line teams to deliver seemingly impossible results, often in 100 days or less, and helps leaders leverage these initial results into sustained, long term, impact.