AWHA Community Dashboards Go Live July 2017!

Front runner communities across the US are invited to participate in the AWHA Community Dashboard.

Community Dashboards will empower us to not only share our data, but to share a critical element of our vision to end youth homelessness.

AWHA is rolling out our Community Dashboard to help us collectively better understand the work underway, the work ahead, and what is already working in communities across the country. Together, and with that shared vision, we can drive forward the most effective strategies to end youth homelessness.

Community Dashboards will help you and your partners:

  • Understand how effectively your homeless system is serving young people
  • Create a picture of youth homelessness across 100-Day Challenge communities
  • Test and demonstrate the power of implementing community-driven methods for measuring progress towards ending youth homelessness
  • Aggregate comparable data on youth homelessness across the country

The AWHA Community Dashboard will help each community, and all of us together, measure our progress on effectively ending youth homelessness in an easy-to-understand visual.  We will ensure the Community Dashboard aligns with the USICH Criteria and Benchmarks, once established and finalized by USICH and its federal partners.

While best practices and strong investments are necessary, we know that understanding our data is the difference between small shifts and big change.  Are you on board for big change?

Sign up to join the AWHA Community Dashboard and join the forefront of our movement — a cohort of innovative and motivated leaders with this common goal in sight.

If you missed our Community Dashboard Launch Calls, you can still view the slides here.  Community Dashboards will launch at the end of next month.  We will add communities, iterate, and improve the dashboard together as we go.  But first we need your voices: e-mail to sign up or for further information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

As we’ve spoken with leaders across the country raising their hand to participate in the AWHA Community Dashboard, we remain humbled and inspired.  There are a critical mass of us – more every day – who remain undeterred: we have, in many communities and three entire states, ended veteran homelessness.

It’s time to end youth homelessness.

The start line is beginning to track progress toward that goal.