AWHA Transition Plan – Actions & Strategies to #EndYouthHomelessness

A Way Home America

A Way Home America Transition Plan: Background & Context

As we anticipate the transition of the next presidential administration and new congress we are aiming to communicate in a common voice how to make progress on our goal of ending youth homelessness.  

To this end, over the spring and summer, the A Way Home America (AWHA) Policy Committee composed a Transition Plan – a document that identifies actions and strategies necessary to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness.  The National Youth Forum on Homelessness offered their input during drafting, input which is incorporated in the final document.  The AWHA Steering Committee endorsed this document in July.

The Transition Plan is intended to inform the next Presidential Administration, federal appointees, and members of congress on our collective goals to end youth and young adult homelessness.  You can find the full AWHA Transition Plan via the link below.

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Transition Plan Highlights

A Way Home America believes the next presidential administration can end youth homelessness if the following pragmatic steps are followed:

  1.       Make a commitment to prevent & end youth homelessness
    • Commit and invest now to end homelessness among youth and young adults by the end of 2020 
    • Embrace innovation and continually improve our understanding of youth homelessness and how to end it
  2.       Prevent homelessness among youth & young adults
    • Ensure adequate support for families – preventing the crisis of homelessness whenever possible
    • Ensure youth who have child welfare or juvenile justice involvement are not at risk of homelessness
  3.       Help youth & young adults who become homeless find safe and stable housing quickly and transition to independence
    • Increase emergency responses which prevent and quickly end homelessness – a total of $1.637 billion annually
    • Support the transition to independence through connections to family, wellbeing, education & employment

The Transition Plan contains detailed recommendations under each of these three strategies.  


Purpose: How to Use This Document

  • We are stronger and louder when we speak in a collective voice. We recommend aligning requests you make of the new administration and your congressional representatives, using the AWHA Transition Plan as a guide.
  • Link your local strategies to our nationwide collective movement.  Reference the AWHA Transition Plan as supportive evidence as you communicate strategies and investments that should occur at your local community, state and national level.  
  • Spread the word & share your thoughts.  Repost the AWHA Transition Plan to your website and news lists.  Share the AWHA Transition Plan with other stakeholders in your community and tell us what you think!


Next Steps

AWHA will be sharing these strategies with the next Presidential Administration’s transition team – strategies which represent our collective best thinking based on what we know today about how to prevent and end youth homelessness.

We will update this document in the coming year as we continue our collective effort and learn more.