AWHA Leadership Body Call for Young Adult Applicants


In response to recent world events we have simplified the application process. You can view the application and apply here

We understand that to guide the work ahead, those most impacted by the crisis of youth homelessness must have primary influence.

Last year AWHA reconstituted our leadership to empower greater youth voice and to place racial and LGBTQ equity at the forefront. As part of that process, we returned frequently to our Racial Equity & Justice Core Principles (, and themes around making space for greater leadership from young people and leaders of color. As a result, our Leadership Body is now made up of 15 national leaders, eight of which are young people with lived experience of homelessness. 

You can learn more about the “Founding 8” young adult members of the AWHA Leadership Body here: (

Earlier this year a “Founding 8” member of our Leadership Body, Antonia Aurora Lloyd joined the AWHA staff team as our Administrative & Events Coordinator. In this position, she will ensure that AWHA lives into our values in all aspects of our event logistics and will directly staff and support the Founding 8 members of our Leadership Body. Our team is thrilled to welcome such a committed leader in our movement to end youth homelessness. Please note that as Aurora joins the staff team, she has stepped down from our Leadership Body.

The AWHA Leadership Body is currently seeking a dedicated young adult leader (30 years old or younger) in the movement to end youth homelessness to join our Leadership Body. 

This announcement comes with continued and deep appreciation to all leaders in the youth homelessness movement, past and present, who have helped us arrive where we are today – centering race equity, LGBTQ equity and youth leadership in our work. We all move forward together.

The AWHA Leadership Body will review applications and select leaders for the open young adult position on the body. They have developed the following criteria (see below) – characteristics they seek in their fellow leaders. Applications are due Wednesday, June 24 at 5:00PM PST.

Overview of How You Can Be Involved

We are seeking a young adult youth homelessness leader who embodies the characteristics described below to play a central role in inspiring the direction of the movement to end youth homelessness as a member of the AWHA Leadership Body. 

The primary responsibility of the Leadership Body is to steer the overall policy and strategic direction of AWHA – building the movement to end youth homelessness – in accordance with our core values. The primary day-to-day operations are performed by the A Way Home America staff team.

As a movement that centers the voices and expertise of LGBTQ+ Young People and Young People of Color with lived experience with homelessness, over half of our Leadership Body is made up of young adult national leaders with lived or living experience with homelessness. The open position on the Leadership Body is required to be a young person with lived or living experience with homelessness. 

As you consider this opportunity, please review the criteria below. We expect the Leadership Body to be active and dynamic.

Leadership Body Criteria/Eligibility

We seek individuals who embody the following traits: 

Innate Qualities

  • Belief it can be done
  • Dreams BIG, pushes for it
  • Belief in Racial and LGBTQ+ Equity
  • Likes and respects young people
  • Self-awareness
  • Open to understanding young people
  • Is comfortable with ambiguity
  • Able to give and receive feedback with love, rigor, and respect
  • Reality-checker and truth-teller

Practical Qualities

  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Willing to teach and willing to learn
  • Holds white people accountable
  • Holds all accountable for anti-black racism and colorism
  • Policy enthusiast
  • Movement-oriented
  • Actively supports youth collaboration
  • Able to amplify messaging and disseminate information

Exceptional Qualities

  • Excellent public speaking skills
  • Excellent facilitation skills

AWHA Core Values

Youth homelessness exists today largely due to America’s long history of structural racism and systemic inequities. In order to end youth homelessness, we will work to ensure our systems work for all youth. We see equity as providing opportunities and resources based on need, realizing not everyone starts in the same place. Justice takes this concept a step further by removing the barriers that impede equal rights and self-determination; it seeks to overturn oppression at its roots. The AWHA Leadership Body members will strengthen their knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal competency to address inequity and injustice, internally and in AWHA external efforts through continual practice of these core principles (

Recognize and Center Intersectionality

Name and Challenge White Supremacy

Engage in Principled Struggle

Practice Targeted Universalism

Generate Transformative Visions Towards Liberation

Create a Culture of Accountability

Budget & Time Considerations

  • Once safe to do so, the Leadership Body will meet in-person four times annually for one day or longer.  Meetings will occur at various locations throughout the country, dovetailing with existing national events or conferences where possible.  AWHA covers travel to these events for young adult Leadership Body members.
  • Calls will occur between in-person sessions; as such Leadership Body members should be comfortable with a variety of online meeting formats, including Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.
  • Anticipated time commitment involved is a total of 5 – 10 hours/month. Young adult Leadership Body members will be compensated for their time at $25 per hour.

Application Process

Please note:  Individuals can apply directly at:

To be considered as a candidate:

  • To be considered as an AWHA Leadership Body member, complete this application form ( and option 1 or 2 below by Wednesday, June 24th at 5PM PST. 1.
    • Option 1: Submit a 1-minute video, introducing yourself and why you are enthusiastic to offer yourself as a leader in the movement to end youth homelessness. This can be emailed to or posted on Instagram (be sure to tag @AWayHomeAmerica [Videos do not need to be professional quality – cell phone videos are fine!]
    • Option 2: Select one of the following narrative responses, written and saved as one PDF, and attached to your Google Form submission. Your narrative response should not exceed 1 page:

Narrative Response Questions: 

  1. Why are you enthusiastic to offer yourself as a leader in the movement to end youth homelessness?  
  2. A Way Home America strives to practice the following values. How have you demonstrated / applied these values (
  3. What are your hopes for the movement to end youth homelessness in the years ahead?

A member of the Founding 8 members of AWHA’s Leadership Body will be in touch to discuss the position further. If you have any questions, please contact Megan Gibbard Kline, AWHA Director, at or 206-605-5044 for more information.

Selection Process/Timeline 

The selection process involves two phases.


  1. Application
    1. Opens Friday, May 15, 2020 
    2. AWHA Leadership Body Application support virtual office hours – Friday, June 12, from 3:00PM – 4:30PM EST. Email to confirm time. 

Note: If you need support with your application before the virtual office hours on Friday, June 12 please contact: 

  • Marcella Middleton (She/Her) –
  • Amanda Clifford (She/Her) –
  • Megan Gibbard Kline (She/Her) –
  1. Applications are due Wednesday, June 24 at 5:00PM PST.


AWHA F8 will be in touch with you as they make selections in the coming month.

Megan Gibbard Kline

Director, A Way Home America