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As communities prepare to distribute $4B in federal Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding, AWHA’s policy co-conspirators have compiled the attached guidance on how best to deploy these funds to support young people experiencing homelessness in the near-term, and to build more equitable systems in the long-term. Although intended for ESG administrators, this guidance may be helpful for others within our movement as we prioritize limited resources.

AWHA intends to release additional guidance as stimulus continues to be released.

If we can respond to this crisis by centering youth voice and LGBTQ and racial equity, we have an opportunity to reshape the nation’s approach to youth homelessness. We’re still early in that journey, but getting these ESG dollars flowing to support young people is an important step.

National Guidance on Emergency Homeless Services for Youth and Young Adults

During the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that young people experiencing homelessness will need additional support to meet their safety and health care needs. This document offers suggestions about how administrators can deploy the supplemental Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding made available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) to best serve young people. A high-level summary of these suggestions is below, with greater detail provided in the rest of the document.

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