Ensure Young People Are Served by the Federal Stimulus!


As communities prepare to distribute $4 billion in federal Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) funding, AWHA’s policy co-conspirators have compiled the attached guidance on how best to deploy these funds to support the immediate safety and wellness of young people experiencing homelessness in the near-term, and to build more equitable systems in the long-term. We encourage you to share this document with ESG administrators and policymakers in your area to ensure young people aren’t overlooked. 

If we can respond to this public health crisis by centering youth voice and LGBTQ and racial equity, we have an opportunity to reshape the nation’s approach to youth homelessness. We’re still early in that journey, but getting these ESG dollars flowing to support young people is an important step. Look for AWHA to release additional guidance soon as other stimulus funds begin reaching communities.

Thank you to the following Co-Conspirators in Racial and LGBTQ Equity for your leadership on the attached guidance:

Megan Gibbard Kline

Director, A Way Home America