First AWHA Community Dashboards Post

In late June, AWHA announced a new nation-wide youth homelessness Community Dashboard effort.  


Today, AWHA and the front-runner communities of Cleveland, OH; Connecticut; El Paso County, CO; Ohio Balance of State (BOS) and Washington D.C. share these new dashboards for the first time.  

You can take a look at the first month of data, June 2016, here.


Additional communities will be joining this project in the coming months, so check back toward the end of August for the next month’s snapshot and more front runner communities.  If you would like information on how to participate, email

The AWHA Community Dashboard will help each community, and our movement, measure our progress toward effectively ending youth homelessness in an easy-to-understand visual.  


Do you find that you uncover new questions about ending youth homelessness as you review the Community Dashboards?  We hope so!

Don’t hesitate to reach out:  Be social with us, share these tools with others in your community, ask questions and learn more about this effort.  For more background, you can also review the AWHA Community Dashboard Launch slides here.


As we work to share best practices and ensure strong investments in addressing youth homelessness, we know that understanding our data is the difference between small shifts and big change.  

Cleveland, Connecticut, El Paso County, Ohio BOS and Washington D.C.:  We applaud you.  Thank you for your leadership in sharing your community snapshots with partners across the movement.

By publicly tracking progress, we point our communities toward the goal of — not managing or addressing youth homelessness — but effectively ending it.  

We will learn from one another and cheer each other on until the job is done.