As A Way Home America approaches the launch of the Grand Challenge to End Youth Homelessness and the next phase of our work, I am thrilled to announce the selection of Sarah Mikhail as the National Director of the Grand Challenge. She officially began her role as Director on August 19, 2019. Sarah Mikhail was selected after a national search and selection process in collaboration with the National Youth Forum on Homelessness. 

Azia Ruff, a member of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness and A Way Home America Steering Committee member shared, “In the virtual interviews it was like you could see the sparkle in her eyes as she recounted her history serving youth and the passions she holds to alleviate structural barriers to their wellbeing. It was evident from the beginning that Sarah brings a deep and unwavering devotion to the work she does. To bring that energy to our team gives me even more confidence in A Way Home America’s ability to manifest something great for youth of all backgrounds through the Grand Challenge.” 

Sarah joins the A Way Home America team with over 15 years of commitment to social and racial justice rooted in intersectional feminism. She has dedicated her career to advancing possibilities for her community and other communities impacted by systemic oppression and flawed policies. “I have a deep respect for the resiliency and strength of LGBTQ youth and am honored to work with the team at A Way Home America to support growth driven by and for young people and to see the ultimate end of youth homelessness,” said Sarah Mikhail.  

Prior to A Way Home America, Sarah most recently served as the Senior Director of Community Support at the New York LGBT Community Center. “The youth homelessness movement has just gained a fierce ally,” said Glennda Testone, Executive Director of the New York LGBT Community Center. 

Cole Giannone, Senior Advisor for Youth Homelessness, New York City Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services shared, “I am extremely excited to learn that Sarah Mikhail will be joining A Way Home America as Director of the Grand Challenge. I’ve had the privilege of working with Sarah on a number of issues related to LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness, particularly around the intersections of foster care and juvenile justice. She is not only a fantastic leader, a visionary and kind human being, but continues to demonstrate deep commitment to equity for young people and the people who work with them. I look forward to Sarah joining A Way Home America to continue the mission of preventing and ending youth homelessness.”

5 Fun Facts About Sarah Mikhail, our new National Director of the Grand Challenge to End Youth Homelessness: 

  1. Always has snacks
  2. Has a cattle dog terrier mix named Oatmeal 🙂
  3. Loves Broadway musicals more than most things
  4. Is fiercely proud to be bisexual 
  5. Is a first generation Egyptian-American

A Way Home America’s Grand Challenge is dedicated to reaching an effective end to youth homelessness by centering racial and LGBTQ equity and youth collaboration, and utilizing the method of continuous improvement. We know that an end to youth homelessness is possible and look forward to Grand Challenge communities setting the path to ending homelessness for all youth. Together, we strive to engage in Principled Struggle, a concept attributed to NTanya Lee. Learning and growing are the results of struggle. Struggle causes change and liberation. We are the ones who will show it is possible to end youth homelessness. 

Please join me in welcoming Sarah to the movement to end youth homelessness. You can contact her at or 347-404-2096. 

To Continued Learning Together,