National youth homelessness initiatives

The AWHA Youth Homelessness Initiatives interactive map aims to provide a comprehensive view of the innovative work being done to #EndYouthHomelessness across the country using a coordinated community approach. This map specifically highlights organizations, initiatives, and coalitions either advancing a coordinated community response to youth and young adult homelessness, bringing multiple agencies, programs, or systems together to solve the problem, or which are advancing new and innovative solutions.

What is included in the AWHA Initiative Map? 

AWHA knows that there is a tremendous amount of great work happening across the country to #EndYouthHomelessness every day… too much to include all!  So, on this map we’ve chosen to include specifically those efforts which advance a coordinated community response to youth homelessness.  For example, we include the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project because multiple agencies and systems are involved in this effort; but as a general rule we don’t include individual agencies.  One exception to that general rule: we would like to highlight innovative program types that national partners often have questions about, such as host homes or young-adult specific rapid-re-housing programs.

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Youth Homelessness Initiatives Interactive Map Key! 

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