Launch a 100-Day Challenge? An Invitation from A Way Home America & Rapid Results Institute

It is fitting that one of the first A Way Home America (AWHA) website blog posts gets right down to business.

Prior to the “official” launch of AWHA, we have been busy partnering with the innovative folks at Health & Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Raikes Foundation, Melville Charitable Trust & Casey Family Programs. Together, we offer the following invitation to local communities:


Our Invitation: Launch a 100-Day Challenge

A Way Home America is inviting three communities to support national learning through launching a 100-Day Challenge. These 100-Day Challenges will identify and execute innovative practices to end youth & young adult homelessness, community by community.

A Way Home America is working with the Rapid Results Institute to engage with three communities that are prepared to set and pursue bold goals to support youth facing homelessness. We will work with multi-agency teams to set ambitious 100-day goals and then to pursue these through intensive collaboration and innovation.

These challenges do not provide additional dollars for services directly — although thanks to the funding partners above we offer travel support for selected communities. What these challenges offer is innovative support and technical assistance to set ambitious goals to work differently with what we do have as we identify resources that will scale up what works across the United States.

We are confident that these 100-day journeys will not only move the needle on key youth homelessness metrics in participating communities, but will also inform the national dialogue and policy. Learnings and momentum from these communities will fuel our national movement to end youth homelessness.


Tell Me More About the Rapid Results Institute?

The Rapid Results Institute (RRI) is a not-for-profit organization that partners with other innovative organizations to help solve complex societal issues.

The Institute brings ten years of experience in more than a dozen countries, working with teams and communities to help them achieve unreasonably ambitious results.

The core of Rapid Results work involves organizing highly choreographed 100-day challenges that liberate and amplify people’s capacities for collaboration, innovation, and execution.

You can learn more about RRI here.


My Community Wants to be IN! How do I express our interest?

We are asking communities to express their interest in this work by completing this form by June 20, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact or

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