Supporting Young Adult Leaders in the Movement to End Youth Homelessness

Social movements are led by those affected most by the injustice they seek to fix. For us, that means recognizing the primary importance of young adult leaders with lived expertise in the fight against youth homelesness and keeping an unflinching focus on racial and LGBTQ equity. We’ve always believed it, but now A Way Home America is walking that talk in a new way. Just as important, we need your help to do it. 

Here’s what you need to know:

AWHA has a new leadership body that ensures young people with lived expertise are in the driver’s seat of the movement

The new 15-person leadership body includes the Founding 8—young leaders from across the country with lived experience—as well as seven at-large members with a proven dedication to our movement. This group, which was introduced in full during an online roundtable event last week, takes the baton from AWHA’s original Steering Committee who, in 2019, recognized the need to make room for young leaders driving the movement. This new leadership body will guide the strategic direction for AWHA’s work, including our advocacy agenda and ongoing efforts in Grand Challenge communities.   

We need you to be a Co-Conspirator to support young adult leaders in the movement to end youth homelessness

The movement’s leaders need Co-Conspirators willing to have their back, amplify their voices, and hold us all accountable to AWHA’s standards of equity and social justice. Everyone has a role to play regardless of expertise, age, or background. To start, all it takes is one short form to let us know that we can count on you.

Want to learn more about what it takes to be a Co-Conspirator? Hear it directly from our Founding 8.

This shift — young adult leaders with lived expertise at the center and Co-Conspirators backing them up—is about more than incremental change. It creates the necessary conditions for new ideas and a fundamental shift in our movement which will allow us to achieve an effective end to youth homelessness. I hope you’ll join us on the exciting next steps in this journey.

Megan Gibbard Kline