We are ending homelessness for Black, Indigenous, youth of color, and LGBTQ+ youth, on a path to ending it for all. 


We lead and unite with national partners in the youth homelessness movement to get to liberation for Black, Indigenous, youth of color, and LGBTQ+ youth, while holding ourselves accountable as a movement to living into our shared values.


Youth homelessness exists today largely due to America’s long history of structural racism and systemic inequities. In order to end youth homelessness, we will work to ensure our systems work for all youth. Partner organizations serving on the AWHA Steering Committee are committed to centering the importance of racial equity and justice in all of our work to end youth homelessness.  We see equity as providing opportunities and resources based on need, realizing not everyone starts in the same place. Justice takes this concept a step further by removing the barriers that impede equal rights and self-determination; it seeks to overturn oppression at its roots. The Steering Committee will strengthen our knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal competency to address inequity and injustice, internally and in our external efforts through continual practice of these core principles.

A Way Home America was inspired by the efforts of A Way Home Canada to mobilize across sectors to prevent and end youth homelessness in Canada. Our common vision of a future where young people do not experience homelessness is the tie that binds us.